Bitcoin users in the US can now make payments on food chain restaurants using Bitcoin. Some of these restaurants include Muscle Maker Grill and Buppa Gump Shrimp.

Every day is recording an increasing number of institutions accepting Bitcoin. This is increasing the mass adoption of these crypto assets, and more people are investing in crypto. Bitcoin is leading the chart with it having the most liquidity, given that it can be accepted as a payment method on different platforms.

Using BTC to pay for Food

One of the major food companies in the US to announce they will start accepting Bitcoin payments is Landry's Inc. This firm deals in dining, hospitality, and entertainment and runs other small franchises. Tilman Fertitta, the company's CEO, commented on the development, stating that his company, alongside franchises, will start accepting BTC payments.

BTC adoption will be slowly incorporated in their different franchises. They would start with their branches in Mastro before progressing to other franchises. Fertitta has been a great supporter of cryptocurrencies. The CEO also sponsors an NBA team that also accepts Bitcoin payments. Food chain restaurants will not start receiving Bitcoin payments in addition to cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

Crypto integration in real estate

Besides being used to purchase food, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also being used in the real estate and property sector. One of the prominent companies that are venturing into this industry is Mercado Libre. This is the most prominent digital marketplace in South America. Recently, the firm stated they would start listing real estate firms on the site using cryptocurrencies.

The company stated that they have been taking note of the growing interest in crypto assets in the region. By embracing crypto, the region will be able to deal with the high levels of inflation that make it impossible for people to hold their assets in cash. Mercado Libre had earlier held a webinar aimed at educating people about the crypto market and how the market can enhance business processes.

Besides restaurants and real estate, other industries are also joining the race to integrate Bitcoin as a payment method. Tesla had earlier in the year spearheaded this race after they started accepting purchase payments using Bitcoin. This move has also pushed other companies to now adopt cryptocurrencies. If the adoption increases, it will see the values of cryptocurrencies shoot, which will positively impact the crypto market cap.